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Vehicle Electrical - Complex Fault Finding - AOM 007

ID: AOM 007

This module is to assess the competence of the candidate’s knowledge, skill and ability to diagnose a complex electrical fault using a logical method which will include vehicle computer controlled systems such as Antilock Braking System (ABS). The candidate will need to access vehicle information such as component location and the appropriate electrical wiring diagrams, together with the use of electrical test equipment such as multi-meter and fault code / scan tools to diagnose the system fault. Once the electrical fault has been diagnosed, the candidate should have the ability to rectify the fault, reconfigure system components and erase fault codes to allow the candidate to check the system is functioning as per the vehicle manufacturer’s original specification.

Candidate Profile

The senior technician should be working in the accident repair sector of the industry and have at least three years experience to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to replace various components, including returning vehicle systems to manufacturer specification and diagnosing system faults.


  • ATA Route:
  • IMI Accreditation Mechanical, Electrical, Trim (MET)
  • ATA Level:
  • Senior Technician


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