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Technical Accreditation Process

IMI Accreditations are undertaken at IMI Approved Centres and involve a combination of practical and knowledge-based assessments.

There are two routes available to undertake your IMI Accreditation:

Full Assessment

The full assessment route is a one to three day assessment, depending on your chosen route, and includes a knowledge assessment and several practical assessments. These are designed to assess the everyday skills and competencies that are used within the route area including Health and Safety, best practice and correct tool usage.


The conversion route recognises recently gained vocational qualifications in relevant routes providing exemption for modules in the accreditation. 

Each route has different modules that are exempt and further detail about each route can be found in the overview documents. To be eligible for the conversion route you must:

  • have completed the equivalent qualifications within the last three years
  • have a relevant qualification for the route being taken

To find your nearest centre, visit the link "Find your nearest IMI Approved Centre" to the right of the page and enter in your postcode to see the results.

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