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Standalone Accreditation Modules

A number of IMI Accreditations can be updated by undertaking standalone IMI Accreditation Assessed Outcome Modules (AOMs) in a range of areas. Some of these IMI Accreditation routes meet British and PAS standards which are highly regarded within the automotive industry. A great benefit of some of these standalone modules is that they can be used to top up currently held IMI Accreditations without having to take the entire accreditation route again.

Please note, each of the AOMs or full routes can only be taken within the specialist area the candidate is undertaking within their own employment function. It can`t be assumed that by taking a single AOM in any other discipline it would confirm a candidate is able to carry out work on vehicles in any other technical or accident repair area or give a certification to the appropriate British Standard.

Please find below the list of IMI Accreditation Assessed Outcome Modules (AOMs):

Electric Vehicle Safe Working Practices (AOM 081)

This module is to determine that the candidate is able to prepare the vehicle by removing any high voltage safety devices (typically switch or plug). This is to allow the vehicle to be worked on without injury to the technician.

The candidate will need to follow this procedure to ensure the high voltage has been isolated before others can work on the vehicle which may include the checking of voltages using the appropriate tools and equipment. Once the vehicle has been prepared for safe working, the candidate will be required to return the vehicle to a fully operational condition, ready to be returned to the driver.

The candidate will be required to ensure that they follow all appropriate health & safety procedures and wear the necessary Personal Protection Equipment during the assessment.

MET Remove / Replace / Refit (AOM 044)

The MET Remove / Replace / Refit  module is to ensure that the candidate has the ability to remove and refit vehicle exterior and interior trim - including body components - without damaging other components or the vehicle bodywork.

The vehicle components will include: bumper cover (and associated components), headlamp (halogen type), door handle (and associated components including door card / trim).

The candidate will be required to realign the applicable components (body panel(s) / headlamp) ensuring correct fitting as per vehicle manufacturer specification.

Resistance Spot Welding MAG Welding (AOM 009)

AOM 009 covers the welding requirement for IMI Accreditation and is a prerequisite for candidates wishing to achieve IMI Accreditation Panel Technician / Senior Panel Technician. The certification must have been issued within the last two years and must be quality assured by the IMI.

The IMI Resistance Spot Welding MAG Welding (AOM 009) complies with British Standard BS1140 and BS4872

Glass Repair including communication (AOM 098)

This module is to ensure that the candidate has the ability to carry out a windscreen repair to the specification of British Standard 242a including identifying the damage type, the size and the position of the chip. The candidate will be required to follow manufacturer specifications and instructions during the assessment process using the correct tools and equipment. If any of the components removed need to be replaced during the repair procedures, the candidate will need to advise of this.

The candidate should ensure that the vehicle is clean at the end of the assessment and that the vehicle system(s) are operating as per the vehicle manufacturer specification.

The candidate will need to return the glass repair equipment to its pre-assessment condition and identify any items that require replacing or repairing ready to repair another windscreen chip.

During the assessment the candidate will be assessed on their ability to communicate effectively with the customer and be able to explain, in non-technical terminology, the repair and any problems associated during the process.

Welded Panel Section MAG MIG Braze, Bond Rivet (AOM 030)

AOM 030 is for Senior Technicians wishing to be accredited in the area of Welded Panel Section MAG MIG Braze Bond and Rivet. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to replace a welded section within the construction of a vehicle body shell and cut a specified section from a welded panel (i.e. a sill section) without causing damage to other vehicle systems or the vehicle structure.

Techniques such as spot welding, MAG welding, MIG Braze, bonding and riveting will be used to cut a section from a new panel then replace the section into the vehicle body. Along with this, the candidate must be able to ‘dress’ the welds to a finish where the repaired section is ready to accept body filler to a depth of no more than 2mm.

The candidate must access the correct repair information / specification and use this information to carry out the repair to the vehicle body shell.

Four Wheel Alignment – Return to Specification (AOM 012)

AOM 012 assesses the competence of the candidate's knowledge, skill and ability to check the vehicle’s four wheel alignment / geometry. This will include ensuring that the vehicle is initially set up to the correct specifications and then using industry recognised wheel alignment equipment, record the readings obtained from the vehicle and compare them against the vehicle manufacturer data.

The candidate will be required to reset the vehicle's wheel alignment to the vehicle manufacturer specification.

VDA Theory Assessment

A knowledge only module (often referred to as the "Part A") that ensures that the candidate has the knowledge required to support the practical task assessments (often referred to as the "Part B"). Candidates need to achieve this module before progressing to the practical assessment.

Welded Panel Section MAG / Metal Filter Repair / Bond / Rivet (AOM 134)

Covering the replacement of the welded section within the construction of a vehicle body shell, the IMI Welded Panel section MAG/ Metal Filler Repair/Bond/Rivet (AOM 134) complies with British Standard BS1025.

Bonding and Mechanical Fastenings (AOM 133)

This module is about the replacement of a panel section which is secured by adhesive / bonding and mechanical fastenings.
AOM 133 is intended for technicians whose job role involves the repair of vehicle bodies. This may include applications in the following sectors:

  • Light Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Caravan and Motorhome
  • Vehicle Body Building
  • Motorsport
  • Motorcycle Panel Repair

The technician should be working in the industry and it is recommended that two years' experience is required to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to repair & replace body components, such as vehicle body panels and their associated parts.


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