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Managers & Leaders

IMI Accreditation is the industry recognised competency based accreditation for Management & Leadership.

The Management & Leadership offer at the IMI focuses on supporting the individual by understanding their current position, identifying personal needs and providing direction for training and development, through to individual achievement and recognition by accreditation.

Appraising your current position

As each person is individual, their level of learning and understanding is different to the people around them.  To ensure each person reaches their maximum potential and you are able to plan an effective training programme it is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Recognising your status

Automotive Management Accreditation (AMA) is a practical, non-academic approach to review and recognise the skills and competency of Managers.

Each AMA achiever is automatically included on the IMI Professional Register.

Appraising your current position

Find out how you can get involved with Accreditation and achieve recognised status.


AMA Assessment Process

Find out more about the assessment process involve in AMA, how to become accredited or take self-assessments.

Recognising your Status

AMA Accreditation identifies your individual Management status and recognises this on the Professional Register.


Management Levels

Find out about the 3 Management & Leadership levels from first line manager through to senior management.

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