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High Voltage Battery Replacement - AOM 082

ID: AOM 082

This module is to determine that the candidate is able to replace the high voltage battery following the isolation of the high voltage. The candidate will need to follow any procedures to ensure they and others remain safe at all times. The candidate should follow the correct procedures as defined by the vehicle manufacturer and be aware of any specialised tools and equipment necessary to carry out this operation. The candidate should be able to replace the battery and return the vehicle to a condition where it is ready to return the vehicle to a fully operational condition The candidate will be required to ensure that they follow all appropriate health & safety procedures and wear the necessary Personal Protection Equipment during the assessment.

Candidate Profile

The technician should be working in the light vehicle sector of the industry and ideally have at least two years experience to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to service, maintain and repair vehicles fitted with high voltage batteries / components such as ‘hybrid’ or pure electric vehicles.


  • ATA Route:
  • IMI Accreditation Electric Vehicle
  • ATA Level:
  • Technician


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