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FAQs IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge

These FAQs cover information on the Management-Knowledge IMI Accreditation.

What is IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge?

  • IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge in the industry-recognised knowledge-based accreditation for Management & Leadership.

How is IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge achieved?

  • At First Line Manager it is achieved through an online assessment, and at Middle Manager through an online test and another form of assessment for the optional units (the method is determined by the centre). This measures an individual’s knowledge against the Automotive Management & Leadership Framework, which outlines the requirements of a good manager.

Are there any pre-requisites for entry onto the assessment?

  • There are no formal pre-requisites for taking IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge, but individuals must have sufficient leadership experience.

What if I disagree with the assessment decision?

  • The individual has the right to appeal against any assessment decision that is made. The appeals process should be highlighted at the beginning of the assessment day. If it isn’t please contact the IMI directly. If you have a complaint, it is important to follow the correct appeals procedure, which is available from the IMI.

What does signing the code of conduct mean?

  • By signing the IMI code of conduct, you agree to act professionally and ethically on behalf of the industry, your employer and its customers. It also means that you will keep your skills up to date through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The code of conduct is available on the IMI website and will be explained in detail on the assessment day. Signing the Code of Conduct is a mandatory requirement.

What happens if I am referred (fail)?

  • If a candidate is referred on any of the assessments, then the centre can provide them with relevant feedback. The feedback is important as this will highlight the necessary up skilling, to allow the candidate to receive training in the right area.

What recognition will be received for IMI Accreditation?

  • All achievers of IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge will receive an ID card and certificate. They will also be included on the IMI Professional Register.

How long does an Accreditation last for?

  • Once achieved, IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge lasts for 3 years. At the end of this period, the options available to the candidate are full assessment, or where available modular options over the validity period of accreditation.

Can the IMI Accreditation be removed?

  • Yes. An individual could have their accreditation revoked if it is proven that they are knowingly broken the code of conduct. Any breach of the code of conduct is investigated by the IMI and if upheld, sanctions may be applied to the individual concerned. This could result in expulsion from the IMI Professional Register.


What is the cost of taking IMI Accreditation Management-Knowledge?

  • IMI Accreditation assessment centres set the cost for the accreditation assessments and this will vary.
  • For information on centre fees, click here www.theimi.org.uk/awarding/Centres/Fees-and-Charges.


What is the IMI Professional Register?

  • The IMI Professional Register is a register of verified motor industry professionals, which is searchable by the consumer. It helps to raise consumer confidence in the automotive industry; ensuring customers are confident in finding businesses that employ skilled, competent and trustworthy individuals.


What are the options for re-accreditation?

  • Full assessment which is available 6 months prior to the expiry date of the accreditation

How do I reach the next accreditation level?

  • If the individual holds an IMI Accreditation, there is only one option to reach the next level and that is to complete a full assessment at the next level.


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