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IMI Accreditation Code of Conduct

All accredited individuals are required to sign and abide by an ethical Code of Conduct. The code provides both individuals and motorists with a standard of behaviour that is regulated by IMI.

Code of conduct:

  • Uphold the standing of the profession and conduct themselves in such a manner as not to bring the profession into disrepute
  • At all times be strictly professional in their approach to the public, business colleagues and all those whom they meet in their day-to-day business activities
  • Maintain professional competence and skills in respect of all developments and legislation applicable to this profession (Continuing Professional Development, CPD)
  • Perform their duties and observe their responsibilities to their employers, staff and the public with integrity, courtesy and consideration
  • Not incur personal gain through abuse of their professional position
  • Work within the framework of the law at all times, particularly relating to the operation of the organisation with which they are connected
  • Respect the confidentiality of any information given by customers, employers, staff and suppliers
  • Not directly, indirectly or unfairly injure the reputation of another accredited individual
  • Encourage staff under their control to raise their educational standards and skill through training and development (CPD)


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