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Become a Management Assessor

The role of an assessor is to understand and interpret the dialogue, actions and responses of Managers and Leaders to correctly assess accreditation status and level, including providing guidance for future development areas.

IMI Accredited Assessors are approved professionals trained to deliver IMI Accreditation assessments, invigilate online tests and deliver candidate feedback. They play a central role in the assessment.

An Assessor can be based externally, in an approved assessment centre, or internally within an organisation.

IMI Accredited Assessors are skilled at facilitating and helping candidates to show their abilities in the best light.

It is an Assessor’s role to

  • explain to the candidate the benefits, purpose and structure of IMI Accreditation
  • assess the candidate’s ability using a range of methods, including observation, competency based questioning, encouraging storytelling and making connections for the candidate
  • judge evidence against competencies and make a decision regarding competency
  • give feedback and support on assessment decisions and suggest actions for professional and personal development
  • accurately record assessment evidence and decisions


All IMI Accredited Assessors complete the IMI Accreditation Assessor award to become accredited and recognised by the IMI as Registered Professional.

There are three key requirements for becoming an IMI Accredited Assessor:

  1. good knowledge of their subject area
  2. ability to accurately measure an individual’s ability and give constructive feedback
  3. ability to put a candidate at ease and help them demonstrate their skills


To do this, an Assessor will be able to:

  • engage with a candidate
  • conduct competency-based interviewing
  • assess multiple pieces of evidence
  • report and advise on evidence
  • interpret an IMI 360 appraisal (where applicable)
  • coach and develop through feedback

If you are interested in becoming an IMI Accredited Assessor, please email qualsdevelopment@theimi.org.uk for specific route information, or call 01992 511521.




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