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Product range

The IMI have developed a range of automotive specific Management & Leadership (M&L) tools to aid organisations from the first stage of recruitment and selection through appraisal and targeted development to recognised status with accreditation.

The IMI have put together a range of M&L solutions that can fit easily into a busy working environment, minimising disruption and helping to focus training and development budgets to enable high impact, value for money decisions to be put in place.

There are a number of activities involved in the management and leadership lifecycle from finding the right person for a role, ensuring the necessary skills are in place, whether through gap identification and training or recruiting specific candidates, to appraisal, accreditation and continuing professional development (CPD).

The product range:

  • Automotive Management Accreditation – the industry recognised competency based accreditation for Management & Leadership within the automotive sector.  In addition to recognised status, the accreditation provides an effective gap-analysis for an individual enabling structured development.
  • AMA 360 – a flexible assessment tool that provides a reflective insight into a manager’s working performance and behaviour.
  • AMA Trait – focusing on two key areas of people management, recruitment & selection and professional development, the tool provides an in-depth analysis into the individual’s likely competencies.

There are a number of training programmes available to help increase knowledge and skills in specific areas, some of these may be available through an internal training programme or by external providers. 

Appraisal - AMA 360

Effective appraisals are a great way to assess an individual’s performance and plan out development for the future. AMA 360 provides a reflective evaluation of management performance including group feedback.



Recruitment & Selection - AMA Trait

High staff turnover is a recognised issue in automotive – find out how AMA Trait, an automotive-specific profiling tool, can help you make sound recruitment decisions.


AMA Accreditation

AMA Accreditation provides independent recognition of an individual’s current management competency, highlighting areas of strength and improvement.

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