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IMI Accreditation Management-Competence

IMI Accreditation achievement provides recognition for a manager, highlighting areas of competence and providing insight into management skills.


IMI Accreditation Management-Competence provides proof of current competence for automotive managers, assessing their working performance against the Management & Leadership Competency Framework.

What is IMI Accreditation Management-Competence?

It is an assessment tool measuring the skills and knowledge of the individual manager. Once achieved, IMI Accreditation remains valid for 3 years after which time renewal, progression or entry into membership are available options.

Who is it designed for?

This route is for anyone working in a managerial or leadership role and has substantial experience in this area.

What does it demonstrate?

It is the industry recognised, competency based accreditation for Management & Leadership. Achieving IMI Accreditation provides you with proof of current competence and the managerial skills you possess.

Achieving a Management-Competence accreditation provides you and your employer with specific advice and guidance for your ongoing development. It can help to develop your abilities within your current role, as well as preparing you and increasing skills required for managerial improvement. Upon achievement of IMI Accreditation, you will be included on the IMI Professional Register.

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