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IMI 360

IMI 360 provides a snapshot of an individual, how they and others perceive their performance as a manager, resulting in valuable insights to focus development and aid appraisals.


IMI 360 is a flexible assessment tool that provides a reflective insight into a manager’s working performance and behaviour.

This online tool pulls together the perceptions of the individual, their manger and colleagues into a comprehensive report measuring performance against key management competencies.

The insights identified by IMI 360 provide good discussion points to focus on through appraisals and mapping out areas of development.

An ‘All Round Review’

There are a number of benefits for using IMI 360:

  • Insight into manager’s personal styles, strengths and development needs
  • Opportunities to create a personal development plan
  • Rigorous feedback based on real workplace situations
  • Recognised as ‘fair’ by managers
  • Foundations for building effective management development strategy
  • Review of management performance for appraisal

IMI 360 is mapped to the Automotive Management and Leadership (M&L) Competency Framework which has three levels of management assessment.  The tool maps to each of these levels and targeted surveys are sent out depending on the level of the individual being assessed.

IMI 360 is incorporated into the IMI Accreditation assessment process and is available as a standalone product.  As a standalone product, surveys can be tailored to fit with company needs, requirements and branding.

Further details about IMI 360, to view a sample report  or find out more information about the Automotive Management & Leadership (M&L) Competency Framework – see the downloads available on the right hand side.

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