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Return on Investment (RoI)

RoI for IMI Accreditation assesses the employer benefits for investing in the development of their staff. It looks at the increase in customer satisfaction, repeat business and the improved ability and standards of technicians.

Return on Investment (ROI)

IMI Return on Investment undertook a series of case studies that assessed the benefits to employers from investing in the development of their staff leading to the achievement of IMI Accreditation.
IMI ROI found increases in customer satisfaction, repeat business and improved productivity and standards of technicians through achievement of IMI Accreditation.

The IMI ROI case studies focused on four key IMI Accredited motor industry roles:

  1. Autoglazing technician
  2. Light vehicle maintenance and repair technician
  3. Parts Advisor
  4. Aftersales customer service advisor

Backing up the quantitative evidence for performance improvements, employer interviews demonstrated that they saw benefits from investing in the development of their staff:

  • improved customer confidence
  • increased work output with fewer mistakes
  • improved technician confidence as they felt valued by their employer for the skills they possess
  • works as a successful recruitment tool; candidates are assured that the employer has a trusted professional training strategy
  • employers are more inclined to notice skills gaps and understand reasons behind ways to close them
  • customer retention increased due to their confidence in technician ability

IMI Accreditation has proved successful with a number of well known automotive organisations, including Halfords who commented:

“The findings have been really positive and back up what we always believed was the case; that training and development were worthwhile investments”.

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