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Features and Benefits

There are many features and benefits to completing an IMI Accreditation.


IMI Accreditation typically takes just one day to achieve (depending on the specific route), with individuals assessed against industry-agreed standards. Each accreditation route is designed using best practice techniques and offers multiple career development options for a specific job role. Achievers of IMI Accreditation will be included on the IMI Professional Register.

IMI Accreditation continually evolves to meet the changing needs of the industry, with each accreditation valid for three years, after which time an individual is required to undertake a new assessment either at the same level, next career level or a different route in order to prove their current competence.

IMI also offers heavy vehicle accreditation, irtec, in partnership with the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE). irtec achievers are not included on the IMI Professional Register.


IMI Accreditation was created to help the motor industry keep on top of constant, rapid changes in technology, legislation and working methods by encouraging and measuring the current competence, knowledge and ability of those working within it.

By providing proof of current competence, IMI Accreditation benefits both individuals and their employers.

Individuals gaining accreditation receive:

  • An IMI Accredited certificate
  • Inclusion on IMI Professional Register
  • Industry-wide recognition of their skills and abilities
  • Confidence
  • Advice and guidance for development

Employers of an accredited individual benefits from:

  • Confidence in the individual’s ability
  • Eligibility for British Standard / DVSA requirements (depending on routes)
  • Increased customer visibility on IMI Professional Register
  • Higher work output and fewer mistakes
  • Public confidence in abilities


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