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About IMI Accreditation

IMI Accreditation is a practical, non-academic way to demonstrate individual capability, providing independent proof of current competence, knowledge and skills. Accreditation typically takes just one day to achieve (depending on the specific route), with individuals assessed against industry-agreed standards.

About IMI Accreditation

All IMI Accredited individuals are skilled, tested and regulated. The accreditation scheme is governed by IMI who are the professional association and Sector Skills Council for the automotive industry.

IMI Accreditation was established in 2005 and has developed to incorporate 17 automotive disciplines. Each route content and structure are frequently reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and current to support the skills need in the sector.

Accredited individuals

To achieve accredited status, individuals must pass both knowledge and skills based assessments. IMI Accreditations last for 3 years, at which point technicians must re-accredit if they wish to keep their status of current competence and remain on the IMI Professional Register.

Accredited individuals and the businesses that employ them have shown that they are committed to providing customers with the highest level of technical expertise and professional standards. All those who have achieved an IMI Accreditation have signed, and are bound by, an ethical Code of Conduct.

Achieving IMI Accreditation

To achieve an IMI Accreditation, individuals must pass both knowledge and skills based tasks and agree to abide by an ethical Code of Conduct.

IMI Accreditation has 17 routes including Autoglazing, Customer Service, Digital Audio Broadcasting, Motorcycle and Paint.

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Proof of competence

IMI Accreditation is the proof of competence that you can be confident in and provides:

  • Confidence that your vehicle is in capable hands
  • Independent quality assurance
  • Proof of competence and professional responsibility

All IMI Accredited individuals are regularly and independently tested.

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